Monday, March 9, 2009

More things Ben made for Jade

so our carseat cover we ordered has not arrived. not sure if it's ever going to, so ben got ambitious and made one himself. no pattern, just his brain. :) i'm trying to find some before pics, but basically it was a brown/orange car seat and not so girlie. so he basically reupholstered it and also a picture of jade's name on the wall and the changing pad cover he made too.


Casey Chan said...

love the car seat cover Ben!!! Jade is going to love her daddy!!

Sasha said...

Oh my goodness! This little girl will be riding in style! I love that car seat cover! (you should really sell those on ebay!)

Lacey said...

That is absolutely unbelievable! You have a very talented husband! I LOVE the car seat cover! Perfect! Hey, only three days - hang in there!