Sunday, May 17, 2009

diaper drop

a few weeks ago it was reported to me that zander decided to pee on a tree in the courtyard at our church. yup, just dropped his pants and peed. mind you the bathroom is right there. and he uses it every week. but i take full responsiblity for this one, i let him pee at parks on trees. but not ever in front of that was all him!
then today, we were tearing down chairs, a job ronan and zander LOVe to do, when i look over at people snickering. ronan has somehow managed to undo his diaper and pull it out of one of his short's leg and dropped it in the middle of the cafeteria. oh for the love!!!! my kids are ridiculous! but i do promise that ronan has NEVEr done this before. nope, he just saved that one for church!
gotta love them!


Just call me Red! said...

Aww.. don't you just LOVE boys :)They keep us on our toes.

Anonymous said...

Ian ran through church with his pants down a few weeks ago. He loves taking his clothes off and I guess at church is as good of a place as any in his book. Na

Casey Chan said...

hahahaha... I love your kids! They keep us so entertained!