Tuesday, May 19, 2009

zander has gone crazy

yup, absolutely crazy. i am about to lose it with him. he has been sick, so i'll give him that. but all day he's been whiney as all get out and everything ronan did sent him into an absolute tizzy! so i thought he was going to take a great long nap cause he sure acted like he needed it. but NO!!!! every five minutes for three hours the child got up and came out and said "i slept mom". i tried everything. i even laid down with him and held his hands and legs so he'd stop moving. nope...didn't work. i finally gave up at 4:30 and let him stay up. all the while, i had been walking around with jade trying to get her to sleep so i was definitely a raw nerve. and if you're that person thinking, "oh zander's 4 1/2 and should be giving up naps soon", well his eyes were almost swollen shut because he was so tired. they had giant red rings around them. he was just being STUBBORN! grr...i blame ben for those genes. the rest of the evening was not much better. so i called ben and told him to he was going to stay home with the boys while i went to small group. there was no way i was going to stay home another moment with them. so like a wonderful husband he agreed! and when i got home from small group he had put the laundry away, taken the recycling out, put the dishes away, and done homework! what a good man. i guess i should have a breakdown more often!


Mary Zolene said...

Awww...Ben deserves 5 stars!!!

Just call me Red! said...

Sorry it was such a rough day :(