Saturday, May 2, 2009

parenting problems

i don't know how much more i can take of ronan's insane amounts of disobedience. the child stresses me out to no end. every day from the time i wake up till he goes to sleep it's a non stop "ronan stop, ronan no, ronan leave zander alone, ronan can you hear me?! ronan i'm going to freak out on you!" then today he bit me on my shoulder and i swear in that moment i could have thrown him! mind you, i say this, but of course, let's just clear up i would not throw him. but it was just a breaking point for me. he's exhausting me both mentally and physically. i can't pay attention to my other two kids cause of constantly watching out for ronan. and he was this way long before the baby was born so it's not necessarily acting out. it started around 17 months and has NOT gotten better. i love that little boy and when he smiles up at you it melts your heart. but he's just got this temper. i feel like i'm constantly yelling and short tempered because of how he makes me feel. so the other kids are starting to feel just sucks. i'm tired, wore out, and frustrated. i've tried spanking, time outs, taking toys away, removing him from the situation, and just recently just sitting him on my lap and holding him tight. nothing works. nothing. i am just praying and praying for him.
on a positive, jade is starting to smile tons more and that is just the sweetest thing. she has started to grow out of the 'old man' stage and is looking more like a sweet chunky baby. she's adorable and truly has my heart. zander is the sweetest big brother around her. she smiles whenever he comes near. he cuddles her and says funny things like "who's my little baby, where's my little chubby baby". it's adorable.
ok that's all for now


Jessica said...

I'm sorry to hear that, but I know how you feel. Rohan is my kid like that. I wish I could say it gets better, but some kids are just more challenging than others. I try to think of me being his parent as a way to better myself as a person, learn to be more patient and kind and understanding.

Jeremy and Cheryl said...

i wish we lived closer so i could take him off your hands sometimes! don't forget, he's not even 2 yet - and he has annen blood, so it might take a little longer, but won't last forever. :)

Chad, Dilenna, Ashlynn, and Audree said...

I sometimes feel like that with Ashlynn. She is one stubborn strong-willed, determined child. My parents laugh because apparently I was the same way and I still am :) Anyway, I think you are an amazing mom and I thinking praying for our little ones is the best thing we can do. Thanks for the reminder.