Sunday, May 17, 2009

Girls night

there is nothing like a girls night to remind you that you are normal (well, relatively), you can still make jokes, and on occasion, your brain can communicate with adults! saturday night we had a girls night with our small group girls at the tepfers house. ann's dear husband grilled steak for us and made homemade mac-n-cheese. it was wonderful! even better cause i didn't have to cook it! we played pit which seems to be becoming our tradition. but i pretty much am the worse pit player ever born. i think i just can't concentrate enough! every time we play i never win more than one hand! it's ridiculous! but i do laugh and make a inappropriate comments just like a middle school boy. but i love my girls, and i love spending time with them just laughing. i never really thought i needed girl friends and quick honestly, most of them annoyed me with their pettiness and weird neediness. but having this group of friends has changed all that for me. they are like my sisters. i love them immensely and find myself needing them and wondering what they would say about a certain situation and whatnot. God truly brought us together and i can't imagine my life without them now! and that is soooo weird for me!
on the kid front, ronan has been extremely cuddly and sweet to me the last couple of days. i have truly enjoyed it! he's been my little buddy and doesn't want me to leave ever! usually he's just 'bubeye mommy!" and off he goes when i leave. but saturday he was pouting saying "no bubeye mommy! no bubeye! stay here!" aww...he does love me! :)
zander is sick i think....which means its going to be a long week! hopefully he'll bounce back soon!
jade is still miss jade and absolutely adorable. i am so in love with that little girl! she is laughing out loud now and has started coo-ing/singing. i love it!!!!


Just call me Red! said...

I love you and I need you too :)

Casey Chan said...

I love you three! And even when you act like a middle schooler... :)