Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ronan, crazy but smart

yes, ronan drives me crazy on a regular basis...but man that child is smart. i really think he hears what i say, and honestly thinks "yea, she doesn't know very much, i'm going to do what i want cause i'm smarter than her." and yes, i truly believe that he thinks that. and did i mention he's not even two yet and he's counting to ten?! i think zander was three....he's a scary smart little child. tonight he wanted to crawl up the top of his bed and i said no. so he threw his pacifier to the top of his bed and said, "where's paci?" thinking i'd let him go get it and go where i had already said no for. smart little devil! but on an adorable note, he has started singing with ben which is really really cute. he sings "goodnight sweetheart" and "eieio aka old mcdonald". he just only sings the eieio part. ben is making fun of me for calling the song eieio instead of old mcdonald.
so ben and i are still on our dumb diet and i swear i'm grumpy because of it. so not fun. grumpy me. wanting carbs....BLAH!

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EveryChapter said...

Smart turkey! You have to go see my blog today- you'll know why when you see it. :) And what diet?