Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jade's 2 month stats

I took Jade to the doctor on Tuesday for her 2 month appointment. the little darling is 12 lbs 12 ozs and 23 1/2 inches long. her percentages are 92% for weight and 89% for height. i have never had a child under 95% for height! i have a shorty! :)
now, let me just get this out there now. when i say i have a short daughter, please do not respond with, "oh that's good, you don't really want the height in a girl". SERIOUSLY (now mind you, someone has already said this)?! cause having a tall girl, who's taller than her brothers, or heaven forbid, over six feet tall, would be the WORST thing in the world! cause she'd be like her 6'0" mother (who's also taller than her brothers)!!!!! i have come to realize that people just do not think when they are talking. nope, the world is full of non thinkers. so i'm sparing you the embarressment of what would be my brutal comments in response to your dumbness. so when you hear her stats, just smile and say, aww that's great!


Lacey said...

You know what, Grace has always been above the charts in her height (although it comes from her daddy, not necessarily me!). And I'm always thankful that she's tall and thin - like a supermodel, right?! :-) I might feel a little sorry for Caleb if Grace ends up taller than him, but hopefully she won't tease him too bad about it! And you're right that people don't think before they talk. You're tall and you're beautiful! (Hey, off topic, did you ever get your coupon binder back? I've been thinking about you / praying for it to be returned to you whenever it comes to mind!)

Stephanie said...

There might be hope for her to be in the 95th percentile yet...Sheridan vacillates between about 85 and 95. I really think it just depends on when the visit falls in her growth spurts and who is measuring her (whether they do it well or not). Maybe she'll be as tall as her mommy and get Barbara, too. =)

Just call me Red! said...

I think she's perfect. I am hoping Gracie is way taller than me. Tall girls rock!