Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Today's Installment of the crap

well today was another not so fun day. we went to the zoo this morning with some friends. that was fine and all but when it was time to leave zander had an absolute mental meltown. he started sobbing and sobbing cause i wouldn't buy him a toy. he was crying so ridiculously that i couldn't help but laugh. the boy must have been really tired. on the way home, ronan fell asleep. good job ro. so we went thru a drive thru and jade started screaming cause she was starving. so i was rushing home! we got home and i got the boys out of the car and everyone to the front door. so the boys went inside, i went inside and then shut the front door. in the process, the bottom of the front door sliced thru the slide of my foot. i just about passed out. blood started spewing every where and i thought i was going to just die. i can handle your blood, but NOT MY BLOOD! ugh!!!! and mind you, jade is still screaming from hunger. i put her car seat down and tried to get a piece of toliet paper stuck to my foot to stop the bleeding. that didn't work so well, but i was trying! i quickly threw the boys at the table and gave them their food, jade was still screaming cause apparently ronan put his dog on her face to calm her down, and i was getting painfully lightheaded from my blood and lack of food. finally i got a bottle for jade, sat down and called my mom to please get over asap! so yea, that was not so good. my mom came over and took control of fixing my foot and getting me fed. thank you mom! then it was time for naps. i got everyone to bed and then for the next hour and a half i spent walking down the hall to put ronan back into his bed. i'd put him down, go lay down on the couch, and i'd hear him turn his fan off and start playing with his toys. SEVEN times i put that child back down along with some other disciplinary efforts....and nothing. finally he fell asleep. but by this point my poor foot was oozing blood out of the bandaid from walking on it. and it was THROBBING! but on a positive note, it was the first time jade slept solid through her nap without waking up so that helped me deal with ronan. but eventually the stubborn mule of a child went to sleep. the funny thing was that when he did finally wake up, he ran out screaming "i sleep! i sleep!" he was proud of himself. zander did sleep for 2 1/2 hours too so that was much better! but oh man my foot was still hurting by after dinner. and of course, today is wednesday so ben went off to worship practice at 8. :( it's always on wednesday that i have a bad day and off he goes. ok, i'm going to bed. goodnight all!


Casey Chan said...

BLEH!!! Sorry about your foot! Make sure your husband adds so padding to the door way or something so you don't hurt yourself again!!! Sharp objects and us do not go well together!

Jessica said...

Sorry you've been having a rough time lately, Larissa. I hope the week gets easier, you have so much on your plate!