Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Pictures

These are some pictures from christmas. Zander and his cousin preston. Ronan opening his presents from his michigan family.
Zander loving his present from oma and opa!
The boys Christmas' outfits for the christmas eve service.
Christmas pj's!

Zander waking up in the morning and seeing his presents! Ronan talking to his presents and beating the paper
Zander and Ronan with their christmas bibs from kate and neil.
christmas with gee gee and papaw

after puking my brains out. not so attractive....
Also, i've included a picture of the rocking chair for ronan. Gma kate and gpa neil bought ronan a rocking chair and i painted it. a friend of ours got zander one for a baby shower and so i painted ronan's to sort of match.
The Rocking Chair:


Anonymous said...

Your boys are just the cutest to look at Larissa! I see they have the fishing game. We play that alot at our house. Naomi

Nichole said...

I have been keeping you with your family since finding your blog via Deanna Norris. We attend Faith United Methodist & so know your family via Ben. My daughter, Elizabeth, & I were excited to see the boys' in Christmas pajamas. I have been giving the kids Christmas pjs since Elizabeth was 1. She is now 22.