Monday, December 17, 2007

Family and Vacation

Well we are in Palm Desert on vacation now. My brother Tim, his wife Jill, their two boys Preston and Chase, my parents, and myself with the boys. Ben will be joining us tuesday night. it was a long trip up here and ronan screamed most of the way. jill and i drove with ronan and my parents took the rest of them. apparently zander chatted the ENTIRE way up. poor preston fell asleep much to zander's dismay. preston and zander seem to be getting along pretty well for the most part. the only struggle is over toys. but hey they're two and three so what do you expect. it's nice being together as family. my kids and i are staying in a different villa in another resort so it's nice to come back for their naps and relax a little. both boys slept through the night but didn't go to bed till 11:30 then woke up at seven. so they're a little crabby! well, i'll probably nap now too. love to all!

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