Saturday, December 22, 2007

home again!

hey all we are finally home! we had a great trip but are totally tired! last night we went to see a festival of lights at the living dessert. it was soo much fun! it was cold, we had hot chocolate, saw santa clause, and lots of other fun stuff. someday i swear i'll get pictures up from the trip. :) today we headed home and it was the trip from hell. we got stuck in traffic, ronan went crazy screaming, zander peed all over himself, and four hours later we finally made it home. (it should have only been two and a half hours). tomorrow is our christmas program at church which ben is singing at and doing things for, i'm in the nursery cause my worker is sick. :( so i'm bummed.
now there are loads of laundry to do so i'm off to do it. blah blah blah....

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