Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Not much new going on here at the annen household. tonight we had dinner with my parents which was fabulous! giant scallops, corn, and chocolate/fruit fondue! yummy! then tonight my parents are coming to sit with the sleeping boys while ben and i go see national treasure two. i'm excited but dead tired so i don't know how well i'll do. ben's been wanting to see this movie for forever though so i guess i'll try to stay awake! :) tomorrow ben has off so i'm sooo excited! i think this is the first time he's had new year's day off in years! but unfortunately i have to use most of the day getting work done for my seminary class that will be starting next sunday. boo hiss....oh well such is life.
let's see...what's new with the boys...umm....ronan is still chowing away on solids. he's had sweet potatoes and green beans and loves them both. although mama doesn't like those diapers! zander is as cute as can be and is trying desperately hard to learn to say the "g" sounds. he usually says "dee dee" for his gma "gee gee". but he's getting a lot better.
well i guess that's all from here.

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