Thursday, December 6, 2007


Thanks for all of you who called or emailed asking about zander. his hand did blister and they popped today. so pray that no infection sets in. that does mean that he had second degree burns though. :( poor baby! also, the day after he got burned he woke up with a horrible, nasty cold. I'm guessing the one that's got my mom flat on her back as well as half of san diego. he's coughing like a mad man and not getting much sleep at night or during his naps. i'm praying ronan doesn't get it, but with the way zander likes to kiss on him, i doubt it. but it still doesn't slow zander down. he's a crazy active boy still. gotta love him.
i'm about to get christmas cards out tomorrow so stay tuned. i didn't get as many as i wanted so if you get shafted, so sorry! :) and they're not as good as i wanted either. i didn't think the boys would cooperate taking a family picture so i just chopped some. but then a week later a friend took a picture for us and it turned out great. oh well, such is life. here's the family picture for your viewing pleasure!

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Missy-O said...

What a beautiful picture!