Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sausage Fingers

Because I've been having the best luck in the world recently, I now have sausage fingers. Yesterday as i was packing the boys into the stroller in the driveway, i went to shut our lovely, unhinged garage door manually. just as i was doing so, zander said something to me and i looked up while pulling the the garage door down. apparently three of my fingers went into the seam of the garage door and down the door went with the tips of my fingers squeezed in it. it took me about 30 seconds to get the door back up and my fingers out. an eternity in the world of squeezed fingers. i literally thought my finger tips were severed. but fortunately they were not. i promptely laid down on the driveway sobbing while my son stood over me saying "it's ok mamma, papaw and geegee will take care of you". poor little guy. finally i got myself up and headed up to the seminary where the chapel had already started. so my swollen fingers and i sat in the back wanting to die. today the fingers are better but it takes me forever to type and do just about anything. blah.

my car is still busted also and i'm starting to really mourn it. that car had class. someday i'd like to be able to afford to fix it....until then i stare at it sitting in front of my parents house....oh the sadness that is my life. :( merry stinkin' christmas.

on a positive note, my brother tim and his wife jill along with their two boys preston and chase are arriving on saturday. YEAH!!! we're headed to palm dessert on sunday with the parents. it should be good times. pray for me though cause ben's not coming up till tuesday night (he has a a final for school) so i'm going to be alone with the boys for two nights!!!!

enjoy some pics i took!

I can't get that pic to rotate...sorry!

and of course our fabulous small group!!

and the kiddies of our small group

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