Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas with the Family

Well another Christmas has come and gone... it seems like it was just time to decorate. We had a wonderful christmas together here in san diego. We spent Christmas eve night wrapping all the presents so that when zander woke up in the morning he'd be so surprised. So when morning came zander was estatic! he ran in like a crazy person! "see this guys! see this guys!" he kept saying. Ronan was just excited to see the wrapping paper. The boys loved their gifts and Zander's favorite gift was his doctor set. he loves telling us to "be patient guys" meaning to be his patients. after we opened presents we ate a great breakfast then played with the toys some more. the boys also spent some time playing outside since it was 75 degrees out. Then ben got stir crazy and we headed to rite aid since it was the only store open! :) afterwards it was home for nap times. the boys slept while ben and i played some wii. (which we are SOOOO sore from) After naps we went to a delicious dinner with my parents at the 94th aero squadron. it was a huge buffet and was soooo good! we all ate way too much! well, on the way home i started feeling not so well. by the time we reached our house i ran inside to throw up and 'other' stuff. it was not so fun. but once it was out of my system i was much better!~ :) so we opened presents with my parents and played some more wii bowling. over all a truly wonderful christmas.
Hope everyone else had a great christmas! we miss you all friends and family!

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