Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fun times with the pool

Well today we spent the afternoon at the resort pool. it was WONDERFUL! the water was about 80 degrees although the air was a FREEZING 58 degrees. but both preston and zander were in wet suits and loved playing in the kiddie pool, the big pool, and going down the water slide. preston and zander seem to be getting along better and preston is calling zander his "best friend" so that's good. they still get at each other sometimes when it comes to toy posession but that's typical of the age. Ronan loved the water too and likes to splash. i will try to get pictures up tomorrow. i love being with my family (although i miss my older brother chris and his family terribly) and just sitting and watching the kids play. it does make me long for them to get to grow up together. but don't worry, then i remember the snow and i get over it. hahaha...speaking of snow...i think we will get to see some while we are here. they said that there is snow in joshua tree national park so hopefully we'll get there on friday before we leave.
Ben got here tonight and i am SOOOO glad he's here. i am not cut out to be a single parent. he's truly my other half and i am incomplete without him. and the boys miss him terribly when he's not here. Ronan was soooo much happier once ben got here.
Well that's all for now!

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